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Status: 2016-01

VOB online

VOB online

Registration and an annual fee are required for access to all texts: Part A (DIN 1960), Part B (DIN 1961) and Part C (the "General technical specifications in construction contracts" or "ATVs"), comprising a series of 66 standards in all.

The current edition of the VOB is the 2012 edition together with the 2015 supplement. Registered users also have acccess to the full texts in English of the (withdrawn) 2009 edition.

Please note: New annual fees apply as of 1 Jan 2016.
Single workstation = 168.00 EUR incl. VAT
Company licence = 588.00 EUR incl. VAT

Publications relating to the VOB are available at www.beuth.eu.

Publications relating to the VOB

VOB 2012 - German Construction Contract Procedures

The complete 2012 edition of the VOB in English will be also available as a loose-leaf edition.


Further contents

Building and civil engineering

Technical rules, current technical literature, loose-leaf collections and online services on building and civil engineering.



Building services

Publications on building services.