Overview of changes

VOB Part C General technical specifications in construction contracts (ATV)

The status of the standards in the Supplement 2015 are indicated in the index by a symbol before the number of each standard.


(T) = The document has been technically revised to reflect developments in the construction sector; the references to standards have been updated and are current to 2015-03.

(E) = The document has been editorially revised; the references to standards have been updated and are current to 2015-03.

(N) = The document has been published for the first time and is new to the VOB.

(T) DIN 18300 Earthworks
(T) DIN 18301 Drilling works
(E) DIN 18302 Borehole sinking operations
(E) DIN 18303 Timbering to trenchwork
(E) DIN 18304 Piling
(E) DIN 18305 Groundwater lowering
(T) DIN 18306 Underground drainage
(T) DIN 18307 Laying of pressure pipework outside buildings
(E) DIN 18308 Land drainage and infiltration management work
(E) DIN 18309 Ground treatment by grouting
(T) DIN 18311 Dredging work
(T) DIN 18312 Underground construction work
(E) DIN 18313 Diaphragm walling
(T) DIN 18314 Sprayed concrete work
(E) DIN 18315 Road construction — Surfacings without binder
(E) DIN 18316 Road construction — Surfacings with hydraulic binders
(E) DIN 18317 Road construction — Asphalt surfacings
(E) DIN 18318 Road construction — Dry-jointed sett and slab pavements, and surrounds
(T) DIN 18319 Trenchless pipelaying
(T) DIN 18320 Landscape works
(T) DIN 18321 Jet grouting work
(T) DIN 18322 Underground cable laying work
(E) DIN 18323 Clearing of unexploded ordnance
(N) DIN 18324 Horizontal directional drilling work
(E) DIN 18325 Track construction
(E) DIN 18326 Renovation work on drainage channels
(T) DIN 18330 Masonry work
(T) DIN 18331 Concrete work
(T) DIN 18335 Structural steelwork
(T) DIN 18340 Dry lining and partitioning work
(T) DIN 18345 Work on external thermal insulation composite systems
(T) DIN 18349 Repair work on concrete structures
(T) DIN 18350 Plastering and rendering
(T) DIN 18351 Work on back-ventilated curtain walling
(T) DIN 18353 Laying of floor screed
(T) DIN 18354 Asphalt flooring work
(T) DIN 18361 Glazing
(T) DIN 18365 Flooring work
(T) DIN 18386 Building automation and control systems
(T) DIN 18451 Scaffolding work
(T) DIN 18459 Demolition and dismantling work