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Beuth Verlag is one of Europe's leading publishers for technical standards – and Europe's no 1 full service provider of technical information for all sectors and professions.

Based in Berlin, Germany as a subsidiary of DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, we focus on quality, the use of latest technologies, and excellent customer service.

A major publisher of technical literature on construction, Beuth provides a full range of standards, technical rules, books and online services, many available in English. What is more: most publications are also available as eBooks.

  • VOB 2016 in English

    Price: 168.00 EUR

    German Construction Contract Procedures: Parts A, B and C - Translations of all VOB 2016 standards

    VOB (German: "Vergabe- und Vertragsordnung für Bauleistungen") is the standard reference work for the construction industry with an influence extending far beyond Germany. It governs the award ...

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    Publication date: 2017-06

  • Magazine VOB aktuell

    Price: 48.00 EUR

    VOB aktuell contains essential information for all those working with the VOB.


    Publication date: 2020